2020 Flyers / ARt

Thursday 2/6 - Clash Day / Kent State Mass Incarceration Mini-Conference

In 2020 we formalized a "Town/Gown" linkage with a Clash Day mini conference at Kent State.

Town/Gown Clash Day mashup!  This event takes place in the Student Governance Chamber of the Kent State University Student Center, and spotlights the pressing social problem labeled as "mass incarceration."  Featuring panelists from academia, prison administration, and ACLU Ohio.  The second panel showcases the work of four different arts programs working in prisons throughout Ohio, and the positive impacts on the lives and futures of the incarcerated.  Original art by Logan Thyr

Thursday 2/6, 6:30 -The Kent Stage

The Akron Summit 91.3 FM hosts a movie night spotlighting the work/legacy of Daniel Johnston!

Akron Summit FM 91.3 Clash Day Member move night showcases the beautiful genius of Daniel Johnston, and encourages open-minded thinking about those struggling with mental health.  Paired with an exclusive exhibit of never-before seen sketches from his youth at Standing Rock Gallery, N. Water st. in Kent.

Thursday 2/6 at The Zephyr - Clash Day Kickoff: Free Black! / Cherry

We're honored to host Floco Torres and HR3 as Free Black! for a free show at The Zephyr 10PM 2/6.

Akron's beloved Floco Torres teams up with never-resting drummer HR3 for a free show.  Cherry is some youthful punk from Kent, featuring members of the raucous SAP.  Raffling various Rock Memorabilia and an Earthquaker Devices pedal!

Friday 2/7 5-7pm - Art Exhibit featuring Chad Cochran and Roger Hoover


A powerful exhibit featuring photography aimed at normalizing the conversation around mental health.  Roger Hoover acoustic performance, 5:30

Friday 2/7 5-7pm - Fever Dreams: The Early Drawings of Daniel Johnston at Standing Rock Gallery


Turns out a local artist knew Daniel Johnston from before he moved to Texas.  Upon Daniel's passing last fall, the old sketchbook he had been gifted got dusted off, and these never-before seen sketches of a young, pre-Texas Daniel Johnston will be available to view at this exclusive exhibit.

Friday 2/7 7-10 pm- The Boys from County Hell at Water Street Tavern (free)


For Clash day 2019, these folks nearly tore the roof off of Water Street Tavern.  Strangely, they've been invited back.  Guess Water Street beefed up it's insurance policy!  Blistering Clash tribute set, a rare treat from these Cleveland legends. Not to be missed!

Friday 2/7 - Kill The Hippies / Modem / Fringe Candidate, 10 PM


Cap off an amazing night of Clash Day programming with this rager - Kent legends Kill The Hippies join Kent's powerhouse proto-post-punk / hardcore enigma Modem, and Fringe Candidate, a newish project featuring Jamie Stillman and Joe Dennis.  Flyer design, Logan Thyr.